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2018-03-20 20:50:28

DGP Bihar KS Dwivedi stresses on transparency and policing with a human approach

Photo by Ravi Shankar

KS Dwivedi, recently appointed DGP of Bihar is a 1984 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. He is widely regarded as a police officer who has prefers policing through human approach than strictly going through rule books. He has recently been appointed as the new Director General of Police (DGP) of Bihar. He interacted exclusively with Ravi Shankar, our Bihar Bureau Chief and Editor, Ajit Kumar. In the interview, he talks more about his plans and priorities.

What are your priorities as the DGP of the Bihar state?

Law and order, housing for policemen, transparency in the administration to ensure that the standard policies and procedures which have been laid are applied barring exceptions where there is a need to change the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) at the last minute to help a citizen or deal with the law and order situation and where such a change is needed and justified and is well within the framework of law.

The image of the Bihar police is one of being unfriendly. How will you address that issue?

We are taking several steps address the issue .

# We are going to organise police public meeting every Saturday at local police station where police incharge and block circle officer will we available to resolve land dispute issues.

# To ensure effective response by Bihar police ,we are updating Dial 100 at the earliest. We are going to advertise our police helpline numbers: 18603456999,8544428408,8544428407,0612-2209999 in a more effective way.
# Regularizing police constable, Dafaddar parade on daily basis.
# Emphasizing on sharabbandi, Bal vivah and dowry system.
# Special attention on female and children

What about economic and cyber crimes. Do you see it as an area of concern?

In economic offences, the accused tend to take advantage of the poor understanding of the policemen on the subject and use loopholes in our laws to their advantage. We have decided to start regular training of police personal in supervision of ADG and Bihar Police Academy of five days duration from 2nd April onwards. We will therefore augment the capabilities of district police by training them in complex subjects of economic and cyber crimes.

How you are going to stop youth doing crime?

Youth are there to shape the future of the country. Statistics of crime among youth portrays a dark and cloudy picture for the nation. The major cause of increasing crime rates amongst youth is the ‘easy money’. The greedy and attention-seeking behavior of today’s youth leads them to commit heinous crimes. The more disturbing fact about the crime today is that young and qualified teenagers get involved in such atrocious crimes. Stringent law enforcement, better judiciary setup can discourage youngsters from committing such crimes.

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