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Social & Green Business: Khushi Grams

Vision: By 2030, we should be able to achieve Human Development (Happiness) and fulfill basic needs of all

The Social & Green Business Initiative will be at all levels and will have development, skill, culture and media hub for research, training and action, a sort of model to be adapted and adopted in other units also. We will start a junior school, Gurukul with Indian traditional wisdom and latest technology. Fuel and Power will be generated through small units of Biogas / Animal driven / Biomass / Solar / Waste to energy. Our vehicles will run on bio fuel and buildings and houses on low cost environment friendly using bamboo and other items. We will grow natural vegetables and fruits inside and milk will come from the desi cows. Healthcare would be provided by a small centre there with help of Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Counseling and also through the Allopathic Medical System Online (mails, video chats, internet) and Telemedicine (sms and calls) with local doctors there and other experts at distant places. Treatment at free or nominal charges (as per their capacity) and their / their kin's services will be utilised in lieu of the discount (as per their capacity) for the Healthcare Centre.

We will have few sports like football, wrestling, hockey, martial arts, athletics, swimming etc from nursery/class I. Students will have creative freedom to learn and work as per their aptitude and calibre. In higher education, we will try to be a private university, starting as a community college by 2013/14. There will be some agro products manufactured and services like KPO/BPO, we will use local resources to churn out best regional and original content. People who will be invited for lectures will stay at our premises and have the option with coming with family-work, relax and play and have good food from the community kitchen and be stronger when they leave. Trees planted by them and children can be on/in the names of their choice/memory. Agri/Rural/Eco/Culture/ Educational/Spiritual/Wellness tourism will be promoted and bullock carts, horse carts, bicycles would be the preferred mode for travel to and from short distance within and near the Gurukul, supplemented by other Eco friendly vehicles. We will also try to revive the ponds, lakes, small rivers and rivulets as well as do water harvesting. We will have planning for the community and areas up to 50 years in advance and train people in disaster preparedness, rescue, relief and rehabilitation. We will work closely, in partnership with the local community and bodies, government, private and public sector and like-minded individuals on this. We will also have waterless toilets and a Solar Energy powered Aqua Guard for clean drinking water. We will have regular art exhibitions/musical, theatrical, puppet, folk performances/ screenings of good films / lectures/ discussions / events etcetera at the Cultural Centre, an integral part of the Khushi Centres cum Gurukul.

To summarise, we can divide the entire Enterprise in four broad groups / sectors: 1) Gurukul: Education, Sports, Development, Research, Skills, Training and Action like Products / Services 2) Agriculture, Energy and Allied Activities: Natural Farming, Biogas, Goshala, Biomass, Biofuels, Solar Energy and other forms of Renewable and Alternative Energy, Bullock Cart for local transport and cycles 3) Wellness: Yoga, Meditation with Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Allopathy (online and offline) 4) Media, Entertainment, Art, Culture and Tourism: Leisure activities for livelihoods as well as healthy entertainment including Agri/Rural/Eco/Culture/Educational/Spiritual/Wellness etc. Also Community Radio, Local Newspapers / TV / Internet / Mobile / and Out of Home (outdoor).

We are discussing the idea with people, who we feel would / have been progressive and interested. We will put the mails on common group once they confirm their interest and give their assent for this so that people can exchange mails in smaller groups as per the Role and Responsibility they choose / want to keep for themselves. The action and activities, including funding, shareholding and accounting will be transparent and decided after discussions with individuals / institutions separately. We look at Partnership with the owner of infrastructure, land / low cost and nature friendly establishment, have locals in the team and around as shareholders and Stakeholders and try to create Livelihoods, so that people just do not have to migrate for a Living and Partnerships and Sharing of Resources and Revenues with like minded individuals, institutions, organisations, civil society, private and public sector companies and governments. For further details, please feel free to communicate with me.

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